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Australian Businesses Face Substantial Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption ReportOne third of Australian businesses face substantial disruption from digital technologies in the immediate future according to Deloitte Australia.

And all businesses are facing some form of digital disruption.

In its latest report Digital disruption Short fuse big bang? Deloitte analyses the impact of new digital technologies and business models on Australian business.

It also looks at which industries are at risk in the short term and long term.

While the report doesn’t say anything new for those already in the online sector, it does serve as a useful discussion paper and strategic road map for those just arriving to the online and digital party.


Retail and Finance Sectors Most at Risk

Tellingly, Deloitte points out that in retail, online retail is growing at 15% a year compared to less than 5% for offline retail. As I’ve said in earlier posts, you don’t have to Einstein to see where the growth is.  Clothes: The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Market This Year

My only question is why are Australian retailers taking so long to get fully online? WA Online Shoppers Leaving Local Retailers Far Behind

The most useful parts of the Deloitte report are the graphs which clearly and visually demonstrate how digital is affecting different industry sectors.

In the chart below you can see that the finance and retail industries are bearing the brunt of the change.

Digital Disruption by Industry


Where is Your Profession on the Risk Profile?

But what’s also useful in the report is the Digital Disruption Map which shows which industries are most at risk in the near future and longer term, as well as the likely impact digital disruption will have on them.

Digital Disruption Map

Again we see retail and finance in the high risk area, along with IT and media (no real surprises there) but also professional services and arts and recreation.

This confirms what I said in an earlier post, that professional service providers from doctors, lawyers, accountants, marketers et al are all in danger of being made obsolete by emerging digital technologies and trends.  Why Fake Thai Boobs are the Future of Professional Services Marketing


Read the Report or Watch the Video

The report makes for interesting reading, especially for corporations and government agencies. You can read it here or watch a short video of the key points. The narration is a bit cheesy, but you’ll get the gist.


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Australian Businesses Face Substantial Digital Disruption

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