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Digital Marketing Strategy

Content marketing and creation tips to boost your brand and marketing performance. Practical advice on how and what to do.

  • Social media sites and digital media are not doing your business any long term favours. Any addiction to them spells trouble for your business. Google’s recent dropping of Authorship highlights just how cavalier many tech companies are with providing real service to your business.

  • There are many unexpected costs involved when creating an online business. Many business owners simply don’t know what they don’t know and the things they don’t know, often come with a huge financial shock attached to them.

  • Slow site speed kills your online revenue. Latest research shows online retailers are worse than ever at understanding this simple revenue boosting concept. Amazon recently calculated that for every second delay in loading its web pages it loses $1.68 billion a year.

  • New research from PwC reveals that nearly 10 million Australians will buy something online in 2012. It estimates that online sales currently make up 6.3% of the retail spend, and tip it to grow to 9% in the next four years.

  • Online business may be growing dramatically, but it’s still only scratched the surface. More explosive growth is still to come. Mainstream Australian business has been notoriously slow to join the online party, especially retail, yet the growth in online revenue has still been dramatic.

  • The explosion of digital marketing means that the marketing department is taking more and more control of a company's IT spending, implementation and decision making.

  • Two recent reports show the huge disconnect between what shoppers are doing and where local retailers are at in the online business space, especially in Western Australia. WA Shoppers are Online, But WA Business isn't.

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