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Marketing Strategy - Online and Offline

How Much Does a Website Cost – Part 2

There are many unexpected costs involved when creating an online business. Many business owners simply don’t know what they don’t know and the things they don’t know, often come with a huge financial shock attached to them.

1 Second Delay Costs $1.68 Billion a Year

Slow site speed kills your online revenue. Latest research shows online retailers are worse than ever at understanding this simple revenue boosting concept. Amazon recently calculated that for every second delay in loading its web pages it loses $1.68 billion a year.

Ten Million Australians Will Buy Online in 2012

New research from PwC reveals that nearly 10 million Australians will buy something online in 2012. It estimates that online sales currently make up 6.3% of the retail spend, and tip it to grow to 9% in the next four years.

Is Online Business in Australia Yet to Take Off?

Online business may be growing dramatically, but it’s still only scratched the surface. More explosive growth is still to come. Mainstream Australian business has been notoriously slow to join the online party, especially retail, yet the growth in online revenue has still been dramatic.

Marketers Running IT?

The explosion of digital marketing means that the marketing department is taking more and more control of a company's IT spending, implementation and decision making.

WA Online Shoppers Leaving Local Retailers Far Behind

Two recent reports show the huge disconnect between what shoppers are doing and where local retailers are at in the online business space, especially in Western Australia. WA Shoppers are Online, But WA Business isn't.

The Art of Marketing - Avinash Kaushik

A passionate video from the master of analytics on how to successfully use data to influence marketing decisions. This much more than just data and marketing, but a great piece on how to live a worthwhile life.

Did Your Mother Design Your Website?

Australian women are big shoppers online, especially mums and housewives, so if your website isn? t designed to appeal to them you could be losing out.

Australian Retailers Floundering Online

New report shows encouraging signs among Australian retailers but highlights just how inexperienced and unprepared most of them are for online shopping. Most retail organisations are learning as they go and at a disadvantage.

WA Online Shopping Twice the National Average

The latest NAB Online Retail Sales Index reveals that online shopping in Western Australia is growing at 32% a year, twice that of the rest of Australia. WA's share of the national online retail spend pie was 11.4% or $1.26 billion.

Clothes: The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Market This Year

Online clothes shopping is forecast to grow faster than any other category this year. Such items were once thought immune from the threat of online shopping as offline retailers mistakenly believed customers needed to touch and try the garments on before purchasing.

Digital Darwinism: Are You a Swinger or Dead Meat?

Business, especially Australian online retail, is going through its own painful process of natural selection right now caused by the booming online economy. They either don't get or are completely unaware of the need to start swinging in the online business jungle.

Australian Online Retail: Where the Money Is

Australian Baby Boomers and Generation Xers dominate online spending according to recent research. 45-49 year olds are the most active online purchasers followed by the 50-64 years olds. Age is neither a factor nor a barrier when it comes to shopping online. Older Australians prefer to shop online with local retailers.

Australian Retailers Guide to Staying Up to Date with Ecommerce

2012 is already the most frenzied and chaotic time yet for online retailing. Businesses not yet online are at the point where the train has almost left the station. If they run like hell they might just make the last train; if they hesitate it will be gone forever.

How Australian Retailers Can Get Online in an Arvo

Much has been written lately about how Australian bricks and mortar retailers and businesses lack the knowledge, skills and resources to go online. In an effort to ease their transition to online business here are over a dozen free or inexpensive solutions to get started.

Australian Business Just Doesn't Get the Web

Nearly two thirds of Australian businesses don't have a website, and half of those don't intend to get one any time soon. This research carried out by MYOB explains why many Australian retailers are having such a hard time dealing with online shopping and ecommerce.

US Mail Dies, Australia Post Thrives

The internet is being both blamed for the failure of the postal service in the US and credited for its booming success in Australia. How can the web be the reason for both failure and success in almost identical institutions?

Gerry Harvey Does Online Business a Favour

The continual missteps by Gerry Harvey in the online world are case book examples of what not to do for any Australian business entering the online shopping world. Let's all thank Uncle Gerry for the lessons.

$10 Billion Aus Retail Market

The $10 Billion Australian Online Retail Market is experiencing phenomenal growth and attracting international retailers. the NAB Online Retail Sales Index - In depth report: January 2010 ? January 2012, online retail accointed for only 4.9% of the total Australian retail spend.

Marketing as Theatre

Does your marketing entrance, engage, enrapture and encourage your customers to want more? Find out what really matters in online marketing.

Online Marketers Still Clueless

For every $80 spent online to get a prospect to just come to your website, only $1 is spent on actually turning them into a customer once they get there, according to Omniture.