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Why Every Business Needs a Google+ Page

Google+ is much more than just another social network, and those who compare it to Facebook are completely missing the key benefits of having a Google+ page, especially for business.

google plus buttonGoogle+  is now part of a suite of Google technologies that are designed to make search an even better experience.

In other words, Google+ is going to have a major impact on your search engine performance.

As many of you know, organic search accounts for a large part of your traffic and revenue.

If that’s important to you then read on.


For This Who Came in Late

Because of the value of organic search rankings, people have always been running rackets trying  to game the system. Some of the more contentious practices include link farms and content mills which churn out volumes of usually irrelevant garbage in order to try and improve a site’s search position.

As all this crud doesn’t usually help the end user, the searcher, as it makes for an inferior search experience, which ultimately isn’t good for Google.

After all, Google wants you to find the stuff you want to find - that’s the basis of its business model.

So the brains trust at Google has been busy trying to figure out ways to qualify and assess the quality and usefulness of all the content that’s out there.


Harness Your People Power

For a long time they have been relying on their algorithms and technical wizardry, but now they have decided to use their army of users and let them basically indentify and vote on what’s good and what’s not.

That’s where Google+ comes in. By seeing what you share, what you comment on and what you +1 Google has created its own voting system.

But it doesn’t end there.

Google has also tied it to several other factors. Firstly, because you need a Google account to use it, it knows you’re at least likely to be a real human as opposed to a bot. Plus, the more you fill out your profile the more real you become.

In addition Google is using the rel=author and rel=publisher tags which you can place on your website and blog to confirm that you are in fact the author and publisher of your content.

See this video for a great explanation of how it all works together.


It also has something called Direct Connect which extends your authorship to your brand or company. Tie that to your Google Places page, and the whole ecosystem starts to become clear.

What’s more, from your Google+ profile you can link up to all your other social media accounts, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and your various email addresses.

So whenever you comment or share something via any of those means, or add guest content to someone else’s site Google knows that you are the author.


Get Some Respect - Claim Your Brand Identity

In a nutshell it means you get credit for your work wherever it appears, which in turn boosts your profile and helps your search rankings. Anyone who has scalped, scraped , regurgitated or spun your content will not get the credit.

And Google is already using this information to power its search results. Plus it’s not just what you share; it’s what your friends and connections share. You’ll now be able to see who and how many people in your network recommended a particular page or site.

And if that’s not enough, you can also use your social extensions in Adwords to improve the visibility and authority of your ads.


It’s Not Social, It’s Business

As I said at the start, Google plus is much more than just a social platform.  It’s a very powerful collection of technologies that are going to have a profound impact on how your business performs in the search engine.

For that reason alone, all businesses should have a Google+ page, otherwise you just might find your online presence “sleeping with the fishes”.

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Why Every Business Needs a Google+ Page

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