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LinkedIn Deletes Your Profile Site Links

Check Your Profile Now!

linkedin breaks linksLinkedIn has deleted many members’ website and blog links from their contact info profiles.

On the weekend I was tweaking my profile when alarmingly I noticed all of my site links were gone.

This has only happened recently and is not a result of the new interface design that happened last year.

I know this because rather fortuitously I took a screen shot of my new profile at the time and wrote about it in a previous post. It clearly shows my website and blog links were still there.

As of today, however, they were gone.

It's easy enough to fix, as long as you know it's happened, and below is how mine should look. The issue of course is that many people may not be aware that there site links have been deleted. (See update at the end of this post.)

My linkedin links

Links Missing From My Contacts' Profiles

Intrigued however, I quickly checked the profiles of some LinkedIn experts in my immediate network. Same thing – no links. Hmm?

missing linkedin site links 1

missing linkedin site links 2

Even Missing From the Experts' Profiles

Delving deeper I next went to LinkedIn Jedi Master Lewis Howes - oh oh, no links either.

missing linkedin site links 3

Then I checked owner of the Friends of LinkedIn Group, Krista Canfield same result, no links.

missing linkedin site links 4

A Worrying Trend Emerges

This is getting worrying; however I then started checking the profiles of many more LinkedIn and social media experts in my network. The results were mixed. Some still had their site links, many did not.

A quick Google search revealed no chatter about this issue, so I’m thinking it’s only a recent event.

Check Your Profile Now

Whether LinkedIn has done this deliberately as part of its ongoing interface revamp, or it’s a random bug I don’t know, but I urge all of you to check your profile contact info and re-enter your links.

Personally I view having links to your website and blog as being an essential part of your LinkedIn profile, so I regard the deletion of them as very serious.

Let me know how you get on.


According to Peter Taliangis the problem is caused by new formatting rules from Linkedin which limit link descriptions to 35 characters.

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LinkedIn Deletes Your Profile Site Links

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