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Never Send a “Do Not Reply Email”

If Your Product’s Broken, How Will You Ever Know?

broken email communicationOne of the things that infuriates me is when I receive an email from a company with a no-reply email address.

Surprisingly it is usually customer service departments that use this non-communication technique.

I just find the thinking behind such tactics incomprehensible.

Email is supposed to be a communication between two people, but putting a no-reply address in the address bar renders it one way.

Apart from being incredibly rude, it seems like a missed opportunity for any company to improve its products and services.

If the social media revolution has taught us anything, it is that we like to communicate and engage with brands that treat us as valuable human beings. Imagine that, who knew?

Using a no-reply email obviously breaks that ability for customers to communicate with companies.


No Customer Service

As I said, customer service departments are the worst offenders. Usually you’ll get an email saying something like this:

“Your complaint/feedback has been noted. If we do not hear back from you we will consider the matter resolved. Please do not reply directly to this email...”

And on it goes telling you that if you want to communicate further you need to login to their website, find the communication form and basically jump thru hoops to tell them that their communication sucks.

And that’s if you can even find the right location on their website and navigate your way thru their labyrinthine forms.

Why not let customers just respond to the email by hitting the reply button? I mean that’s what everybody else on the planet normally does. It’s quick, simple and efficient.


Communicate or Die

If you as a company had a product that was broken or a service that wasn’t working as it should, wouldn’t you want to know about it as soon as possible?

Not fixing it is likely to lose you sales, while fixing it is likely to increase your sales.

Apparently some companies aren’t interested in improving their products and services.

Often the bigger the company the more likely they are to do this.

This practice also fits with their other infuriating technique of outsourcing all customer phone calls thru India or the Philippines.


What You Can Learn

  • Every email is a small moment of truth for your brand and your company: - A chance to either shine or fail.
  • Always treat email as an opportunity to engage a customer.
  • Allow your customers to easily contact you
  • Provide multiple communication options in your emails. IE Phone number, social media buttons, web address and email address.
  • Never direct email contact back thru your website. If you must receive feedback via a specific department, then include a dedicated email address in the email.

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Broken Email Communication

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