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How to Increase Sales Online

- Get more bookings, signups, registrations etc

Shopatron recently released an infographic that perfectly highlights the four key areas that all online business owners should be concentrating on to increase sales.

It encapsulates what I and many conversion rate optimisation consultants have been saying for years:

  • Be Fast
  • Be Simple
  • Be Friendly
  • And Be Trustworthy

Be Fast – Speed Matters

speed vs abandonment rate

As I’ve demonstrated many times over the years, speed matters. The faster your site, the more sales you’ll get (or more registrations, signups, bookings, downloads etc).

KISS Keep it Simple Silly

Simple design works

Again, we’ve all discussed this before. Simple, elegant layouts reduce customer confusion and friction and result in higher conversions. However, creating a simple layout takes work; it forces you to think about what’s really important for both you and your customers.

Be Friendly

Be friendlyYour customers want to engage with you, and know that there are real people behind the business. Social media, reviews and customer testimonials all add to reassuring the customer that you are a legitimate business.

Be Trustworthy

Be trustworthy online

Trust is one of the key things for any website and online business. Creating and maintaining trust are crucial if you want a growing online business.

Plenty has previously been written about the need for credibility and assurance, but too often the basic and key elements for developing trust are given lip service.

Apart from trust seals, aspects such as speed, professional design, good copy-writing, quality photography, properly functioning web applications and processes all play a part.

You can see the full infographic here...

Conclusion – Diamonds in Your Own Backyard

There’s nothing new in the above advice, it’s just that many online marketers and businesses simply don’t follow it. Instead they spend small fortunes on questionable online advertising and faddish social media campaigns.

A far better and less expensive option is to simply improve your own onsite experience by any of the above tactics.

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How to Increase Sales Online

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