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Short Sharp Clicks Friday 22, October 2010

You Don’t Need  a Budget to Go Viral

Inspiring video made with no budget, lots of imagination and honest passion. 

This moving video was made by a performer to raise money for the homeless.

The stripped down nature of the piece only seems to make it more powerful.

( My tip: Turn the volume up LOUD!)

How Personas Can Help You Write Compelling Sales Content

Another great interview from Wilson Web. Know who you customers are and how to write for all of them.  If you’ve ever wanted to know what “Personas” are all about, then watch this.

Google vs Facebook – Google the Winner in a No Contest Knockout

Google's revenue - $23.531 billion - and rising.

Facebook, has estimated revenues around $1b.

Why are we even arguing about this?

Internet Marketers Still Have a Lot to Learn

Great article that shows how online marketers still have miles to go before they match the effectiveness of their offline siblings.

Anti Facebook

The ongoing hash that Facebook keeps making of its privacy issues is causing many people to drop their Facebook accounts.

Are there alternatives? Sure, check them out...

Apple Marketer of the Decade

You can learn everything you need to know about marketing from watching Apple.  (The good and the bad, but mostly good.)

Ad Age has recognised Apple’s marketing nous by awarding them Marketer of the Decade.

Google Gives Us So Much More

It’s been a busy month for Google rolling out a string of been features in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Visualize Your Customers Activity in Google Analytics

Google Analytics finally gets its site overlay feature working. Now you can “see” which parts of your webpage are working the best. Great for redesigning and marketing.

Search Engine Ranking Position Tracker

You can now see your own search engine position  rank tracker in Webmaster Tools.

Who Loves You the Most

Plus you can now see who’s linking to you the most.

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Short Sharp Clicks - Friday 22, October 2010

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