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Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing and creation tips to boost your brand and marketing performance. Practical advice on how and what to do.

  • You all know that to succeed with content marketing you need to produce high quality content on a regular basis, but who’s got the time to do all that? Thankfully there are some simple and free tools and techniques to help you get started.

  • 80% of Australian businesses have no idea if their content marketing is actually working. This 2015 report said that most could not track the ROI of their content marketing efforts. They don’t know if it’s even worth the effort.

  • One of the dangerous myths or excuses about online business is that it only accounts for less than 10% of all sales so it’s not yet a priority for many business owners and marketers.

  • Australia's National Broadband Network is much more than a glorified internet connection, a fact not understood by most people including business.

  • Google is getting more and more serious about quality content. Recently it quietly introduced a new feature in Webmaster Tools the Structured Data report which has implications for all web content producers and site owners.

  • Over the past few months Google has rolled out a number of changes and enhancements to Goggle Adwords that should improve your online advertising performance.These include: 30 Day Limit for Ad Rotations, Better Match Types for Misspellings, Location Targeting Improvements, Auction Insights and Account Labels.

  • The web is now the dominant medium in Australia according to Nielsen. It has reached saturation point with over 92% with access to the web. The implications of the numbers in the report will be the cause of fundamental change in the Australian media and marketing landscape.

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