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Words to make more of your customers buy more of your products for more money more often


I create copywriting, content and conversion campaigns to help you rapidly improve your business results.

I help you turn more of your browsers into buyers, offline and on.


One single word can boost your results by 1000%

Do you have the right word?

You find out...


Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Create irresistible content.

Want to be irresistible?


Every interaction is a chance for you to win or lose a customer.

Make sure you win.

Do you want to win more?

Stop Losing Money and Wasting Time

Get Copywriting That Works For You...

Many marketing campaigns leak money, a lot of money.

This means many of your marketing dollars are wasted, leaving thousands even millions of dollars of unclaimed revenue on the table.

I help you plug those leaks and reclaim your lost business.

How I've stopped money leaks:

- Moved a client’s sign up form and got a 500% increase in registrations.

- Changed two words on a call to action and got 3X as many responses.

- Improved a client’s sales funnel and generated an extra $500,000 per year.

If you want every single marketing dollar you spend to be accountable for multiplying itself, then give me a call on 0411 353 693.

I specialise in writing copy and content that sells, that makes people respond and take the actions you want them to. In other words - Results.

I write persuasive and clear copy for start-ups, direct mail, B2B, sales lead generation, sales letters, e-mail, Web sites, landing pages, social profiles, advertising and more.

You can choose training, coaching, consulting or complete campaign management.

I Can Help You Get Better Results with...


Words That Sell

Accelerated Marketing

Seductive Sales Letters

Catalogues, Brochures
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Forms That Capture

Lead Generation
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Sticky Landing Pages

Greater ROI
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Powerful Social Profiles

Outshine the Competition

Ads That Work

Effective Advertising
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Email That Converts

Email Marketing
website that sells

Websites That Sell

Online Copywriting

Search Optimised Copy

Better Content
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How to Write for the Web
case studies

Compelling Case Studies

Engaging and Readable
product descriptions

Hot Product Stories

Irresistible Products

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Social media sites and digital media are not doing your business any long term favours. Any addiction to them spells trouble for your business. Google’s recent dropping of Authorship highlights just how cavalier many tech companies are with providing real service to your business.

How to Write Effective About Pages

Almost everybody makes the same basic mistake when writing About pages, bios or social media profiles - It’s Not About You. Learn how to create an About page that gets leads and sales.

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Tips to Successfully Promote Yourself Some practical tips on how to write about yourself without spoiling your pants. This post will show how to avoid “We we” and its confederates Aye aye, Mimi, Hehe and Chi chi as well as the dreaded third person affectation.