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- Get copywriting, content and conversion campaigns to help you rapidly improve your business results.

- Make more of your customers buy more of your products for more money more often.

- Turn more of your browsers into buyers, offline and on.

- Reclaim any business you're currently losing through poor communication and content.

I specialise in writing copy and content that sells, that makes people respond and take the actions you want them to. In other words - Results.

If you want every single marketing dollar you spend to be accountable for multiplying itself, then give me a call on 0411 353 693.

I write persuasive and clear copy for start-ups, enterprises, government departments, direct mail, B2B, sales lead generation, sales letters, brochures, e-mail, Web sites, landing pages, social profiles, advertising and more.

Brand and Product Content for the Modern Age

I Can Help You With...


Words That Sell

Accelerated Marketing

Seductive Sales Letters

Catalogues, Brochures
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Forms That Capture

Lead Generation
sticky lips

Sticky Landing Pages

Greater ROI
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Powerful Social Profiles

Outshine the Competition

Ads That Work

Effective Advertising
chocolate email

Email That Converts

Email Marketing
website that sells

Websites That Sell

Online Copywriting

Search Optimised Copy

Better Content
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How to Write for the Web
case studies

Compelling Case Studies

Engaging and Readable
product descriptions

Hot Product Stories

Irresistible Products

Get Better Results in All Media

Do You Want Words That Multiply Your Results?

If your serious about improving your marketing results, then get in touch.

I only work with clients who are committed to increasing their business and prepared to invest in it.

I can consult and advise you on any of your current campaigns, or help you create new ones.

See the list above for some of the professional writing tasks I can help you with.

You can choose training, coaching, consulting or complete campaign management.

You can call me on...

0411 353 693

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